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La Xixa Association is a non-profit association specialised in the research, development and multiplication of theatrical tools and popular education as a means of social transformation. We are a multi-disciplinary and multicultural group of collaborators, with the support of more than 30 volunteers trained in the field of social sciences, pedagogy and arts. The diversity within our team enriches our social and creative work, and that keeps us in permanent training and learning.


We conduct workshops for various groups, training for trainers and artistic actions at a local and international level around three main axes:


  • Interculturality, Racism, Xenophobia, Social Inclusion and Integration;

  • Género, Políticas de Igualdad y Diversidad Sexual;

  • and Active Citizenship, Citizen Participation and Local Development.


La Xixa Association is dedicated to facilitating the creation of spaces of empowerment through Participatory Methodologies, Process-Oriented Psychology and  Theater of the Oppressed, and to generate processes of individual and collective transformation in contexts of social vulnerability.


Meritxell Martinez Bellafont

Certified Facilitator in Process-Oriented Psychology, expert in participatory community development processes, at Teatre de l'Oprimit and at the Intercultural Forum Theater. Degree in Social Education and Economics. Co-director and co-founder of the Xixa Association, where he works as a facilitator of individual accompaniment, group facilitator, trainer, Curinga and conducts management and coordination tasks for more than 25 local, national and international projects. Belongs to the network of the Col·lectiu i+ and is co-founder of the School of Theater of the Oppressed of Barcelona.


Adrián Crescini

Social activist and expert in developing and facilitating processes based on Augusto Boal's Pressure Theater Methodologies and the Arnold Mindell Process Work, as well as other related tools. It coordinates and develops collective and individual projects in various areas for citizen empowerment. That is why he is constantly researching and curiosity about topics such as community building, coexistence in diversity, intersection relations, questioning of the power axes, among others. He studied Theater, Education and Social Psychology in his country of origin, Argentina. He has been living in Barcelona for 16 years. He is Co-Founder and Co-Director of the La Xixa Association in which he develops local, national and international projects. He is an active member of the I + Collective. He is Co-Founder of the School of Theater of the Oppressed of Barcelona and maintains permanent ties with groups and networks related to his work in Africa and Latin America.


Ana Fernández-Aballí Altamirano

Specialist in strategic communication, participatory communication, intercultural communication, and advertising and public relations for the third social sector. Degree in Economics from the University of Salamanca (2009), Master in Design and Communication (2010) and Doctor of Social Communication (2016) from the Pompeu Fabra University, where he worked as a teacher and researcher. Currently works as coordinator of communication and research at the La Xixa Teatre Association. He has worked as Project Manager in local, national and European projects for the generation of theatrical, audiovisual and media content, with institutions such as Casa Asia, Platforms Affected by the Mortgage, Tanquem els CIES, Neighborhood Association of Meridiana City, Barcelona City Council - Interculturality Plan, Cristofol Colom Institute, El Llindar Foundation, Citilab Cornellá, Mescladis, among other City Councils, public colleges and civic centers of Barcelona. He has published several articles on his research topics. He has lived in Havana, Caracas, Quito, Salamanca and is currently living in Barcelona.


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