The Xixa Teatre prepares and presents Forum Theatre plays and specific artistic actions that tackle the following topics:


  • fight against racism and xenophobia

  • fight against gender violence and oppressions based on gender and sexual diversity

  • coexistence in diversity

  • citizen participation, leadership and group conflicts

  • community coexistence

  • the current refugee crisis

  • coexistence, fight against bullying and any form of discrimination in the educational field


A Forum Theatre play is based on a representation of a brief plot that explains the conflict, but in this "anti-model" representation, the protagonist stops before this conflict occurs. That is why, next, the dynamic of the session invites the spectators to go on stage to replace and improve the actions of the protagonist. Thus, the participants, through their performances on stage with the rest of the actors, can intervene and propose their thoughts, desires, strategies and solutions to suggest to the rest of the spectators a series of action alternatives. The scene is reinterpreted as many times as the different interventions proposed by the public. Next, the feasibility of each proposed solution is discussed and analyzed. In fact, the participant climbing the scene is preparing for an essay on reality: "The show is the beginning of a necessary social transformation and not a moment of balance. The end is the beginning!" (Augusto Boal 2006)

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