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Theatrical and Social Experimentation Space

The Company

The pandemic crisis led us to create La Xixa Lab as a response to the challenges posed by the lockdown and the growing presence of technology and virtuality in our daily lives. This space for theatrical experimentation brings together professionals in theater, music, and performing arts to improve and reimagine the tools we had used until then, dignifying and professionalizing the work of artists.

We keep asking ourselves how to advance the aesthetics of social theater as a provocative tool for change and revolution. By incorporating digital tools, social networks, and artificial intelligence, we are conceptualizing the theater of the future, suited to the speed and virtuality of our era.

We are constantly in search and evolution, remaining open to the new opportunities that destiny has in store for us.

The Xixa Lab is inspired by new social, community and individual paradigms. The changes are becoming faster and more abrupt and they impact people's lives as they influence the performing arts scene.

The Xixa Lab embraces a regenerative approach, a desire to face new challenges.
We foster a space for artists from diverse backgrounds that collaborate to explore, create, experiment and understand the historical moment we live in. Intersectionality, feminisms, climate change, new historical paradigms and deep democracy are the enigmas that the immediate future raises and La Xixa Lab is devoted to contribute its perspective to the new poetics of the millennium.

Our goal as a company is to be a Theatrical Laboratory of Scenic Investigation where experimentation, research and innovation make it possible to open paths to approach the public and celebrate collaborative methodologies that break with the unidirectional positioning of the most conventional theater. Therefore, it is essential, in our creative process, to investigate how to set up common spaces to incorporate our own experiences as well as the experiences of the audience/actor and enrich our pieces with the echoes left by each open rehearsal and each performance.



Forum theatre

A conflict arises in the boys' changing room. Charlie, who newly arrived at the school, has tried to kiss Alicia. How do we understand this situation; is it considered harassment; is it normal; how can we deal with it?

Sex Education - Social Networks - Youth


Forum theatre

Andrea and Jenny have been flatmates for three years. They have been both out of work for a while, with no other roommate and their landlord is threatening them with kicking them out because they don't pay the rent. They need a roommate urgently. Soni is a Moroccan guy looking for a room near his job. He can afford a room, but it is not easy for him to get it. The candidate arouses prejudices and stereotypes. How to challenge them?
Racism - Islamophobia - Classism


Forum Theatre

"A gender matter" takes place during the job interview for a waiter/waitress at the restaurant "La Nébula".

The last two finalists, Monica and Robert, with very good references and professional experiences, will have to demonstrate their best skills to the interviewer to finally be the chosen one. However, it seems that the latter shares neither impressions nor opinions with Clarisa, the owner.
Gender - Classism - Racism


#THISDOESNOTOCCUR. In a contemporary urban setting of any Western city, where life is celebrated every day in big parties, the "Hostess" opens the doors of her house to receive 5 very particular guests, who will constantly change their roles and power dynamics to give visibility to common situations, full of violence, that play with surrealism and make us doubt whether or not this happens in reality. Accompanied by dance, song, poetry and audiovisual pieces, the scenes, which are as much about reality as they are about weirdness, will be mixed. With only a table and some everyday utensils, the scenic space will be transformed, so that the initial room will also be a discotheque, a public restroom and even a television program.


Actor, Director, and Theatrical Researcher. He completed his theatrical studies in his home country, Argentina. In the first decade of the 2000s, he moved to Barcelona and, in 2010, co-created and co-directed La Xixa Teatre.

He has extensive experience working in the fields of Educational Theater, Social Theater, and Theater of the Oppressed, performing, directing, and facilitating pieces and performances in over 20 Forum Theater and Theater of the Oppressed festivals both locally and internationally.

He has ventured into various theatrical disciplines such as Clowning, Physical Theater, and Dance Theater, participating in more than six creative residencies with Globe Theatre in Avignon, France, and with Kaddu Yaarax in Dakar, Senegal, in roles including acting, directing, and producing. In 2021, he created La Xixa Lab to consolidate the experience of La Xixa.

Adrián Crescini

Certified Facilitator in Process-Oriented Psychology, expert in participatory Community Development processes, Theater of the Oppressed, and Intercultural Forum Theater.

She holds degrees in Social Education and Economics. She is the Co-director and Co-founder of the La Xixa Association, where she works as an individual accompaniment facilitator, group facilitator, trainer, Joker, and takes on direction and coordination roles for over 25 local, national, and international projects.

Meritxell Martínez

Producer, Actor, Photographer, and Artistic Mediation Specialist. He worked for 15 years with object percussion in the company Los Fi, touring the show "Auch!" throughout Latin America (2001-2016). He was a founding member and director of the theatrical dissemination platform (2007-2015). For the past 6 years, alongside stage research, he has trained in professional photography through formal arts studies, carrying out independent photographic projects, developing investigative tests in the image processes, and showcasing various exhibitions related to the body, movement, and speed. Currently, while pursuing a Master's in Artistic Mediation at the University of Barcelona, he has joined the La Xixa Lab company in production and assistant direction roles.

Angel Cristi Berrios

Born in Barcelona, she trained in acting at schools such as El Timbal, Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona, and Eòlia - Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic. She has delved into theatrical writing and pedagogy through training with various Catalan specialists. Currently, she is training in clown techniques with Master Félix Moreno. She has starred in several theater pieces in various venues in Barcelona, both with collectives and in personal works. Since 2021, she has been part of the permanent ensemble of La Xixa Lab, portraying various characters for the company.

Maria Márquez


Forum theatre

Two Muslim women move into the Nueva Esperanza Community. Montse, recently in charge of presiding over the organization of neighbours, convokes them urgently to a meeting, since the community will receive the visit of the Councillor and everything must be in order. Montse is very worried about the new tenants and has clear intentions of expelling them from the building.

What will the other residents do? What to do in situations like these?
Gender Islamophobia


Forum theatre


A young newcomer living in a temporary apartment signs up for a coed Basketball team. He is the new one. There he meets Laura. Everything goes well and the relationship progresses but this is not so easy. What will her mother say? And her friends? Will anyone help them?...

Migration - Racism - Youth

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Majo de las Nieves

She began her training as an actress in 1990 with Elena Brancatti in acting and voice workshops in her home country, Uruguay. She continued her training in 2001 at the Italia Fausta drama school and the Tritó cultural center in Montevideo, Uruguay, participating in clown and mime courses. She has lived in Spain since 2008, participating in various theater pieces, performances, and Forum Theater. She attended several Theater of the Oppressed workshops with the Projecta group and later with La Xixa Teatre. Since 2014, she has been an actress, dancer, and stage director of the Entretambors Group. Since 2021, she has been a founding member of the La Xixa Lab ensemble.

Taoufik Kassi

Amazigh actor from Morocco who resides in Barcelona. He trained with the social theater organization La Xixa and has participated in several plays. He has also been the coordinator of a youth group in creating a play with a social message. Additionally, he is a European volunteer. His passion for art and his commitment to the community are inspiring examples for other young artists.

Alejandro Pérez

From Catalan land and a French mother. In love with the performing arts, he specialized in acting at El Timbal, where he strengthened his acting talent with the CODA methodology. Passionate about poetry, he is known as Fábulo in the world of entertainment and has been a finalist in several Poetry Slam competitions, which led him to publish his first poetry collection, "Aguaceros," in 2022. In 2023, he ventured into the cinematic universe, starring in several projects that are now touring festivals. Always seeking new challenges, he has practiced horse riding, stage combat,

Ariadna Cornella

Born in Terrassa, she has been trained from a very young age in schools in her hometown. During her university years, she combined studies in Early Childhood and Primary Education with training courses at El Timbal and Eòlia schools. She has also developed other skills such as dance, aerial silks, and percussion. She has participated in several plays at Sala Ars, such as Superpoder and La casa de Bernarda Alba, and has written, directed, and starred in a micro-theater play presented in various venues in Barcelona. She is currently pursuing professional actor training at the Nancy Tuñón and Jordi Oliver school. In 2024, she will join La Xixa Lab.

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