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At La Xixa, we create and develop Creative Social Innovation projects for social transformation.

With an Intersectional approach, we defend essential values such as Interculturality, feminisms, diversity, and critical awareness of power relations.

Inspired by Forum Theatre, Process-Oriented Psychology, and other participatory and creative tools, we invite individuals to question both personally and collectively in an experiential way.

Our projects span various fields such as culture, education, health, activism, and sustainability.

We do this through training, public performances, and research.
We systematize experiences and create open and free practical materials and resources.

Since 2010, we have been working with diverse communities and groups at the local, European, and international levels, promoting a transformative impact on people's lives.

We continue to explore with a spirit of learning, discovering innovative formats for personal and collective development.

About La Xixa


Theatre of the Oppressed

We draw inspiration from theatrical tools and the use of the body for expression and reflection, especially from Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed, which place theater at the service of education and collective empowerment.

Process-Oriented Psychology

Personal awareness and transformation through experience and inner growth. It offers tools for learning to change one's focus.

Participatory and Creative Tools

Community dialogue through creative tools, connecting with deep feelings of democratic critical reflection, analysis of one's own reality, and decision-making


La Xixa's General Director

Facilitator in Process-Oriented Psychology and an expert in Theatre of the Oppressed, Intercultural Forum Theatre, and Participatory Tools. Bachelor's degrees in Social Education and Economics

Meritxell Martínez

La Xixa's General Director


Dedicated lover of hope. Seeker of wisdom in the midst of difficulties. I specialize in creating spaces for community creation and co-direct La Xixa with a spirit of continuous learning. I don't want to stop believing in change

Adrián Crescini

Research Coordinator


Ph.D. in Social Communication and Bachelor in Economics. Expert in La Xixa's methodologies, has published book chapters and articles in indexed academic journals.

Ana Fernández-Aballí

Project Director


Bachelor in International Relations, with a postgraduate degree in International Organizations and Human Rights. She collaborated with various NGOs as a project manager and trainer in peace education, human rights, and interculturality.

Daniela Eletti

Project Technician

Ecuadorian actress, mediator, and researcher. Graduated in mime and corporal mime theater; degree in performing arts. Completed a master's degree in theater studies (IT and UAB) and a postgraduate degree in Art Mediation.

Ana Bustamante

Project Technician

Student of International Relations (UAB), currently part of the European Projects team. She is passionate about languages, sustainability, and gender studies.

Claudia Lopez

Production and Visuals

Actor, photographer, and Art Mediator. Mainly worked in urban percussion shows and visual arts in the study of moving bodies.

Angel Cristi Berríos

Administration and Accounting

Certified as a community mediator, with studies in political science, international relations, and human rights. Group facilitator, expert in interculturality.

Maribel Mata Gòmez

Project Manager

Master in European policies and French-German relationships. Project Manager for social transformation through performing arts such as music, theatre, dance, circus.

Marine Masson

Project Manager

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, I have been part of several European and international projects in the social and research field. Passionate about media, popular culture, and digital culture

Pau Jarne Soler

Project Manager

Actress, teacher. Currently pursuing a master's degree in Social and Educational Interventions at UB. With over 15 years of experience in managing theater projects applied to education in Santiago, Chile.

Camila Francovish

Project Manager

Certified as a community mediator, with studies in political science, international relations, and human rights. Group facilitator, expert in interculturality.

ibrahima Fainke

Actress and Facilitator

Majo de las Nieves, Afro-Uruguayan based in Barcelona, actress (Laxixalab), candombe dancer, and group facilitator, expert in intergenerational and intercultural processes.

Maria Jose Silva Olivera

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