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Creating Creative Spaces for Dialogue and Social Transformation

Currently, at La Xixa, we have committed to creating, consolidating, and promoting new spaces for meeting, discussion, and joint reflection on social issues such as inclusion, participation, and representation of women at social and political levels, care and social well-being, as well as the accompaniment and empowerment of older adults. These projects, which we detail further, have allowed us to explore the potential of creativity and intercultural, gender, and intergenerational perspectives in non-formal education to foster fairer, more inclusive, and resilient societies.


Feeling Home

For nearly 2 years, we have been developing the Feeling Home project with the goal of accompanying women from diverse backgrounds in host cities, promoting their inclusion and valuing the knowledge and experiences each of them brings to the social scale. To achieve this, various activities (workshops, excursions, and guided tours) have been implemented, creating new spaces to share, socialize, and foster a closer and more diverse relationship with the urban environment and the social fabric. The project's results and conclusions reveal the importance of generating informal and unconventional spaces for learning, welcoming, and reflection.

You can read the testimonials from the professionals who have accompanied these processes in Newsletter 3.

Creation POP

The Creation POP project seeks to promote and facilitate the social inclusion of older adults through the use of theater and creative arts in intergenerational activities. After a series of revealing studies on the needs and benefits of creating new creative and intergenerational spaces, La Xixa, together with the project partners, is developing an integrated methodology oriented towards professionals working with older adults. By combining participatory tools and methods from non-formal education and performing arts, the project aims to encourage intergenerational meeting and dialogue, thus strengthening the active participation of older adults as a key group for a more resilient society that values the diverse experiences and knowledge of all its members.

You can read the second report here.


The FEMABLE project brings together entities from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Portugal to promote and strengthen the participation and representation of women in the political sphere towards more egalitarian societies. From this perspective, the project aims to offer a critical and informed view on gender equality and is consolidating safe and innovative spaces where people with the potential to generate changes at social and political levels can reflect together on these issues.

If you want to know more about the mechanisms for measuring gender equality at the European level, check out this publication in the project's Newsletter 2.

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