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Volunteering Experience (ESC) at La Xixa

Marie and Maciel are the two volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) at La Xixa this year. Among all their activities and tasks, from September 11 to 15, they participated in the Midterm Evaluation Seminar organized by #INJUVE in Mollina (Malaga). There, they met with more than 70 young people who are developing their volunteer projects throughout Spain, with whom they could share their experiences and learnings, as well as goals and expectations for the last months of activity.

Marie's Testimonial

"A memorable week in the south of Spain. It was a time of learning, deep conversations, and meeting people and new projects in a beautiful place. During the training, I had meaningful conversations with other volunteers from all over Europe and the trainers. We talked about our doubts, shared our experiences, and learned from each other. What made this week special was the diversity of people and projects. I met people working in many fields, such as protecting the environment, teaching, and helping communities.

Knowing their work, I opened my eyes to all the good things happening in the world. The beautiful landscapes of southern Spain made our stay even better. The views and warm weather made us think about our own projects and what we hoped to achieve. In the evenings, we gathered to talk about our projects. It was an opportunity to think creatively and inspire each other. This training week was an opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with incredible people. It reminded me why I love being part of this European program and the importance of participating in it. This week left me with great memories and a renewed sense of purpose.

I am excited about what I have learned and the friendships I have made."

Maciel's Testimonial

In this video, Maciel shares his testimony. He comments that the experience at La Xixa is being a journey full of learnings, personal growth, and new horizons. You can't miss it!

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